AQA Buss3 Human Resources management strategies

Full set of revision notes on the Human resources management side of the AQA spec. I recommend you use these as flash cards and then use my summaries for brief revision.

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Human Resource
Understanding HR Objectives and
Strategies…read more

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What is Human Resource
The design, implementation and
maintenance of strategies to manage
people for optimum business
performance.…read more

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What are HR Objectives
likely to include?
· Matching workforce skills to
requirements of business
· Minimising labour costs
· Making full use of workforce
· Maintaining good employee/employer
relations…read more

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Internal Influences
· Financial constraints
· Corporate culture/objective
· Organisational structure
· Trade Unions
· Overall performance of the business…read more

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External Influences
· Political Factors eg. Legislation
· Economic Factors
· Social Factors
· Technological factors
· Market Changes
· Structure of population…read more

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Hard HR Management
· This is where employees are seen as
· Type of management is expected to result
in cost-effective workforce, where
decision making is made by senior
· Might suffer from high absenteeism and
staff turnover, and less successful
recruitment.…read more

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This is a 34 page power point which covers the AQA unit 3 HR syllabus. An excellent introduction or revision aid it can be used to augment notes or as a basis for your own note taking.

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