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Number of days taken off for unauthorised absence (during a period)
Average number employed over the period x 100
Actual level of output
Capacity utilisation =Maximum possible output x 100
% change in quantity demanded=
change in quantity demanded
Original quantity demanded x100
change in price
% change in price= Original price x 100
%Change in quantity
Income elasticity of demand=%Change in actual incomes
Output (units)
Labour productivity=Number of employees at work
Labour turnover=
Number of employees leaving a business during a period
Number of employees at work x 100
Net profit margin= Net profitSales
(before tax)
X 100
Return on capital= Net profit (before tax)(or operating profit)
Capital invested x 100

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Unit costs= total costs
units of output
What is Profit? What is Cash Flow?
Sales Cash Inflows
Less Less
Variable Costs. Cash Outflows
Less =Net Cash Flow.
Fixed Costs.…read more


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