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Mitochondria: Energy is released from glucose during
Ribosomes: Where protein synthesis takes place.


Urea, mineral ions, water and glucose are filtered out.

All the glucose, and the necessary amount of water and
mineral ions are reabsorbed into the blood stream.


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Emily Wilkes

Theory of biogenesis:
The theory of biogenesis states that living things can only arise
from living things and cannot be spontaneously generated.

There are two main transport systems, found in vascular bundles
and separated by cambium cells which grow into new xylem and
Xylem have thick,…

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Emily Wilkes

Lipids Fatty acids + Glycerol

Using enzymes:
Proteases and lipases are used in biological detergents to
break down fat or protein caused stains.
Proteases are used to pre-digest baby food.
Carbohydrases are used to convert starch into glucose for
cheap sweetener production.
Isomerase can be used to convert…

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Emily Wilkes

Body cells divide by mitosis for growth, repair,
replacement, and in some cases asexual reproduction.
Animal cells differentiate at an early stage of development.
Many plant cells can differentiate throughout life.
Respiratory System

Atmospheric Gas Air Breathed In Air Breathed Out
Nitrogen 80% 80%
Oxygen 20% 16%


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