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Keeping Healthy 1
A balanced diet keeps someone healthywithout it, someone is malnourished. Too much food can lead
to someone becoming overweight, and too little food can lead to someone becoming underweight.

Metabolic rate: rate of chemical reactions in cells, affected by daily activity, genes, gender, age.

Cholesterolgood: HDL. Bad:…

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Contraceptives: plan pregnancies, reduce family size, but can have side effects, is unethical, against

IVF FSH and LH injections. Eggs collected from woman, fertilised with man and become an
embryotransplanted into woman. Helps infertile couples. However, expensive and not always

Medicine & Drugs

Medicines are tested to check…

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Offspring get one set of chromosomes from mother, other set from father.

Asexual no fusion of gametes. All genetic information is from one parent little variety.

Sexual fusion of gametes. Mixing of genetic information, so offspring show variation.

Genes are most important in controlling the appearance of an individual.


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Homeostasis is maintaining a constant internal environment:

Conditions in your body need to be kept steady so that cells can function properly. This involves
balancing inputs (stuff going into your body) with outputs (stuff leaving). For example:

Levels of Co2 respiration constantly produces CO2, which you need to get rid…


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