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AQA B Psychology ­ Gender Development
Key concepts
Sex- physical differences
Chromosomes- XX-Female XY- Male
Gender- attitude and behaviour
The link between sex and gender is identified by society
For some people their gender is not always consistent with their sex
Androgynous- roughly equal amounts of masculine and feminine (this…

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Children's sex role stereotypes-STUDY- Urbery- content of gender stereotypes in
children aged between 3 and 7 years old. The children were told a story, showed two
pictures one of a man and one of a female and them asked who was most likely to go
with the story, some images…

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but an increase in verbal fluency, female to males showed the opposite. Sex hormones
do affect gender related behaviours.

Advantages Disadvantages
Supports the nature side Doesn't fully recognise the complexity of
animals or humans
Supported by scientific research Ignores nurture
We have some choice in gender and how
we behave…

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Most of our mind is unconscious so we only have access to a small part of our mind.

Stage and age Pleasure
Oral 0-1 Mouth
Anal 1-3 Anus
Phallic 3-5 Penis/clitoris
Latent 5- puberty Sexual drives are repressed
Genital puberty- deaths The genitals
Oedipus complex- boys 3 years- lust…

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Gender constancy 4-7 They understand
everyone's sex is
STUDY: Marcus and Overton- as children get older they understand more about
people's sexes. Groups- 5-6, 6-7, 7-8 years old. Showed a puzzle book with either a
female or male or themselves and changes the clothes and hair and asked them…


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