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The Multi Store Model of Memory

The multi store model of memory is a structural
model that consists of 3 separate stores ­
sensory memory, short term memory and long
term memory, in which the STM and LTM are
unitary stores. Information moves from store
to store in a linear…

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Short term and long term memory

Capacity Duration Encoding Forgetting
STM 7+/- 2 times Very limited Acoustically Displacement
LTM Unlimited Limitless Semantically Interference

Displacement= A type of forgetting where information that is currently in the STM is pushed
out before it can enter the LTM by oncoming new information

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Capacity: The amount of information that can be held in the memory at any one time


Digit span technique: is a way of measuring the capacity of the STM, PPs repeat
back a list of digits using serial recall, the number of the…

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Duration: The amount of time information can be held for

Peterson and Peterson - Duration of STM

Aim: To test how long items can stay in the STM when rehearsal is prevented

Procedure: PPs were presented with a constanat trigram, they were then asked to recall as many
trigrams as…

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Encoding: the way information is changed in order to be stored in the

Conrad- Encoding in the STM

Aim: was to investigate how information is encoded in the STM

Procedure: PPs were presented with a sequence of 6 consonants with rapid exposures for each, they
were then asked to…

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Evaluation of the multi store model of memory

Was supported by studies such as glanzer and cunitz who used a serial position curve, in which words at
a beginning of a list were easily remembered because they were rehearsed so enetered the LTM
(primacy effect) similarly words towards the end…

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linked to the articulatory look which is an active rehearsal system that maintains these words by
sub-vocal repetition.

There is then the visual spatial sketchpad (inner eye) it has a limited capacity and is a tempoary memory
system which holds visual or spatial information. It consists of the visual cache…

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+Used repeated measure design the participant variables were eliminated therefore can condlude
that the results were true

Baddley- Evidence for the visuo spatial sketchpad

Aim: To provide evidence for the existence for the visuo spatial sketchpad

Procedure: PPs had to track a spot of light with a pointer whilst imagining…

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Evaluation of the Working model memory

The model is supported by observations such as its easier to do two tasks that are different (visual and
verbal) than doing two tasks that are similar because they use different components of the STM the
visuo spatial sketchpad or the phonological loop



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