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Human: Shows compassion, went to Gerasenes and universality as helps gentile
· Divine: 'Son of the Most High God', Dunameis power: 'Come out of this man, you
impure spirit'
· The Kingdom of God is available to all and that Jesus brought it
· Jesus is God incarnate and could heal people
· Realised eschatology
· Shows God shows forgiveness to those with faith
· Dunameis: Mighty Power (Greek used in Synoptic Gospels)
· Type of miracle: Healing
· Jesus didn't use incantations…read more

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Divine: 'Lord', knows about the Kingdom of God, heals the servant, Dunamist power
as heals from afar, judgement 'gnashing teeth', established the Kingdom of God and
is above authority
· Can heal without sight, doesn't need objects, bridged gap as God incarnate, fulfilled
purpose, saves people (realised eschatology), shows judgement and universality
· Kingdom of God: Jesus fulfilling his role as the messiah and that God created the
world and is active in it
· Dunameis: Mighty power
· Type of miracle: Healing…read more

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The Sower
· Popular: `The Crowd gathered round him was large that he got into a boat'
· Teacher: `He taught them many things by parables'
· Authority: 'Listen!'
· Impatient: `Don't you understand this parable? How then will you understand any
· Messiah: Brings God's Kingdom
· Universality: `While all the people'
· Realised Eschatology: `The secret of the Kingdom of God has been given to you'
· Success: Promise of abundant harvest
· Inspire belief: Encouraged those being persecuted to have…read more

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The Kingdom of God is here: Realised Eschatology
· There is judgement for those that don't follow God's way
· The Kingdom of God is open to those of faith
· There is punishment for those who deliberately disobey God: 'Wretches to a
wretched end'
· Kingdom of God has arrived: Realised Eschatology
· Jesus brought the Kingdom of God and is the Messiah: `Lord'
· Universality: All have access to God through Jesus: Tenants of the Vineyard
· Patience: `Send servants to them,…read more


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