AQA AS Level Unit 2 Macroeconomic Performance Indicators Basics

Hi all, 

just a quick file i knocked up about the basics of the 4 macroeconomic performance indicators;
Balance of Payments
Economic Growth

Just the basics and with some national stats from october 2012 highlighted in red.

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The Measurement of Macroeconomic Performance
Macroeconomic indicators

Economic growth
A country's GDP measures total value of output in a year within that country. In theory,
economic growth measures the increase in productive capacity of an economy, as shown by
PPF. Can't be measured precisely so % change in GDP over…

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Can be measured as a number or as a % of the working population.

Two separate measures of unemployment are used in the UK:

The Claimant count (main measure until 1997), measures the number of people
claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA). In October 2012 this was 4.8%.

The International…


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