AQA AS Geography Rivers: Key Terms

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Key Terms
Chanel flow The movement of water within the river
Condensation The process by which water vapour is
converted into water
Evaporation The transformation of water droplets into
water vapour by heating
Evapotranspiration The loss of water from a drainage basin into
the atmosphere from the leaves of plants
Groundwater flow The deeper movement of water through
underlying rock strata
Groundwater storage The storage of water underground in
permeable rock strata
Infiltration The downward movement of water into the
soil surface
Interception The prevention of rain from reaching the
earth's surface by trees and plants
Overland flow The movement of water over the surface of
the land, usually when the ground is
saturated or frozen or when precipitation is
too intense for infiltration to occur
Percolation The gravity flow of water within soil
Precipitation All forms of moisture that reach the earth's
surface e.g. rain, snow and dew
Surface Storage The total volume of water held on the
earth's surface in lakes, ponds and puddles
Through flow The movement of water downslope within
the soil layer
Transpiration The loss of water vapour from plants


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