AQA AS Geography - Rivers, Floods and Management - Soft and Hard Engineering

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Everything on these A3 printouts have the information regarding Soft and Hard Engineering advantages and disadvantages. Please note that these are not all of them, but the main ones that will be helpful to remember :)

Resources used: 

1. CGP AS-Level Geography Complete Revision Guide


3. AQA Geography AS Student Book by Simon Ross, Bob Digby, Russell Chapmen and Dan Crowling.

4. My Revision notes - AQA AS Geography by Michael Raw

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Scheme How it works Advantages Disadvantages

Embankments/levees Embankments on either side of the channels They allow a flood plain to be built on. Alternative measures involving b
to increase capacity. Dretching, raises the height of structures are more expensive.
Therefore the river can hold more water riverbanks can be done…

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conditions. Allowing a steady flow of water management - natural processes across deposited and trapped ­ causing the da
to be maintained throughout the year. the basin are not affected. to fail.

Scheme How it works Advantages Disadvantages

Wetlands store flood water and slow it. Reduces There are no new…

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River restoration involves restoring a river that has If done properly it allows the river to take its When it comes to building over land that i
River Restoration
undergone hard engineering back to its original natural course which prevents and reverts any valuable the decision comes down to the…

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