AQA AS Geography Population: Implications for Social Welfare

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Implications for Social Welfare
Social Welfare The well-being of communities
It refers to the access that groups of people, or individuals,
have to job opportunities, housing, health care, education,
an unpolluted environment, a safe environment and freedom
to practice ones culture, religion etc.
Social welfare is not spread equally throughout society. It can be more or less available:
- In different parts of the city
- To people from different social classes
- To different ethnic groups
- To different age groups
- To different genders or people of different sexual orientation
As you move out of the urban area towards rural areas, there tend to be fewer
environmental, social and economic problems.
These problems are factors affecting the social welfare of people living in each zone.
In general, these problems and social welfare improve as you move away from the inner
Quality of housing Old, poor quality housing, often in a state of disrepair,
creates a poor living environment in the inner city
Graffiti and vandalism Levels are higher in the inner city where there may be
many empty and derelict buildings
Vandalism can be high in the suburbs where there are
more children and teenagers
Air pollution Highest in the inner city due to remaining industrial sites
and the high volume of traffic
Maintenance Less money in the inner city areas to maintain land

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Ethnics There can be tension between people of different
ethnicities in the inner city because of the higher
proportion of ethnic minorities
Crime rate Higher in the inner city ­ possibly due to the high
levels of unemployment and poverty
Often poor relationships between the police and the
Crime rates tend to fall as you move away from the
inner city
More youth in inner city areas
Transport Lack of public transport as you move out of the city
This can isolate people,…read more


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