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Population Change in Rural Cornwall
Every year, over 4 million tourists visit Cornwall for its spectacular coastal scenery and

Cornwall is a county in crisis ­ in desperate need of regeneration.

Low wages, a declining rural economy, and lack of services and employment opportunities
contribute to this.

Cornwall has…

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These three trends have combined to increase Cornwall's dependency ratio.

The reduced size of the working population, compared with dependent age groups, leaves
the county with reduced economic potential.

The emigration of young people, in exchange for older age groups on fixed pensions, creates
a high proportion of people on…

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Cornwall's Housing Problem
Another reason why young people leave Cornwall is because so much of the housing is

Young people and low-income earners are priced out of the housing market, because they
have to compete with older migrants into the country, who are often cash-rich.

The need for social…


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