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Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not
merely the absence of diseases and infirmity

Health The overall condition of an individual at a
given time in regard to soundness of body or
mind and freedom from disease or

Morbidity The state of…

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What is Good Health?
It is very important to distinguish between health as it applies to an individual and as it
applies to a society as a whole.

The latter is known as public health.

Health is all about the individual

We all have the responsibility to maintain our own…

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Health and Public Health

In 2007 the Department of Health published a document called `Creating Healthier

It included this diagram:

At the centre of the diagram is the individual with the given factors that influence their
health ­ age, sex and genetic make-up.

Surrounding each individual are layers of…

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One part of any government's public health policy must be to consider how to change public
attitudes to their own health and to aspects of their lifestyle that influence their health.
The government tries to act as a `catalyst for change'

Attempts have been made to catalyse changes and have…

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HIV/AIDS in Africa
Background Information
HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus

AIDS is the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

The HIV virus attacks the immune system, allowing viruses and bacteria to cause harm to
the body

The HIV virus takes eight years to destroy the system

10 million young people under 24…

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Causes of HIV/AIDS in Africa
HIV is spread through the transfusion of contaminated blood, by use of contaminated
needles, unprotected sex, and to children from an infected mother via the womb or by

Africa has a number of continuing conflicts.
Rape of civilian populations by soldiers has increased the…

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Impacts of HIV/AIDS in Africa
Some religious groups feel AIDS is a punishment from God for immoral behaviour.
This makes HIV victims less likely to seek help or for governments to provide help

Often the symptoms of HIV are not spotted or are mistaken for a number of years


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Responses to HIV/AIDS in Africa
The United Nations has a global fund to combat AIDS of $4.6 billion dollars

The World Bank offers interest free loans to African countries to help combat the disease

Research shows that the longer children are in education, the less likely they are to be…

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HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus

It's a slow retrovirus that can take years to show any real symptoms

It invades white blood cells by literally writing its structure in them backwards (retro)
and then reproducing themselves inside the cells.

White blood cells produce the antibodies that fight off everyday infections…

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The Simian Theory

· The precursor to HIV(1) found in Monkeys
· Transmission is from simian to human via bite or contaminated uncooked meat
· Precursor then mutates in human turning into HIV(1)
· Location: Sub-Saharan Africa
· Date: 1930's
· Possible existence for many years in humans but…


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