AQA AS Geography Coasts: Soft Engineering Coastal Defences

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Soft Engineering Coastal Defences
Defence How it works Advantages Disadvantages Example
Where sand and shingle Reduces erosion of cliffs Need for regular Hayling Island, UK
Beach more than thin beaches maintenance Eastoke Sea FronValue:
are added to beaches
Nourishment from elsewhere. More natural appearance Shifting nature of the £3,000,000
This creates wide More sustainable defences Beach nourishment works
Cheaper Less likely to be effective involving the importing of
Retention of the original against extreme storm 25,000m3 of gravel to
form and fundamental events maintain the Eastoke
structures of the landforms shoreline and reduce the risk
of flooding and ersion
Sand dunes are created or Need for regular Provide a barrier between Sefton coast, north of
Dune maintenance the land and the sea, Liverpool, northwest England
restored by either
Regeneration nourishment of Shifting nature of the absorbing wave energy and Largest sand dune area in
stabilisation or the sand. defences preventing flooding and England, extending over
Less likely to be effective erosion. 17kms.
against extreme storm More natural appearance Put into place because Open
events More sustainable access for tourists particularly
Cheaper during the 1960s and 1970s
Retention of the original meant the frontal dunes
form and fundamental suffered greatly; more
structures of the recently with off-road
vehicles breaking up the
dunes and destroying the

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Creating marshland from Reduces erosion. Need for regular
Marsh Creation Leads to less flooding of the maintenance
mudflats can be
encouraged by planting area around the marsh. Shifting nature of the
appropriate vegetation. More natural appearance defences
More sustainable Less likely to be effective
The vegetation stabilises
Cheaper against extreme storm
the sediment, and the
Retention of the original events
stems and leaves help to form and fundamental
reduce the speed of the structures of the landforms
waves.…read more


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