AQA AS Geography Coasts: Beaches

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Beaches are formed when constructive waves
deposit sediment on the shore.
They usually have three main components:
Part of beach
Nearshore The nearshore performs similar functions, but usually only at low
tide. Activities in this area include, recreation, quarrying, and coastal
Foreshore The foreshore is located closest to the backshore and it is here, due
to the breaking of waves that sediment transport may take place.
Much of the energy of waves is reduced (dissipated).
Backshore This area is not usually encroached upon by waves - unless storm
conditions arise.
Sand dunes and cliffs may be found as well as human activities such
as golf courses, nature reserves, conservation and buildings.

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Storm Beaches
These are associated with large spring tides, where, due to the time of greatest
gravitational pull tides are highest.
Some large-calibre material is thrown up and beyond the usual high water mark because of
the large waves.
The material remains at the top of the beach if it is not pulled back down the beach
by swash.
Storm beaches are more common on steep shingle beaches that are affected by destructive
waves.…read more


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