AQA AS Food Minerals Revision Cards

Everything you need to know about each of the minerals on the specification including effects of deficiency/excess, sources, functions, and whether they're fat or water soluble. Hope they're useful! Ratings and comments would be good so I can make any changes that would benefit everyone:) Beth x

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Minerals Revision Cards
· Calcium
· Phosphorus
· Iron
· Sodium
· Zinc…read more

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· Functions in diet: essential for healthy bones and teeth, helps blood to clot
· Main sources: dairy products, bones in tinned fish, tofu, spinach, parsley, figs,
· Foods added to/fortified through: many fruit juices and drinks and cereals
· Water soluble/fat soluble: water soluble
· Effect of a deficiency: osteoporosis, softening of bones
· Effect of an excess: Hypercalcemia- an electrolyte imbalance and is indicated by an
excess of calcium in the blood. Excess calcium is absorbed by the nails, skin and
tissues…read more

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· Functions in diet: strengthens bones and teeth, the release of energy from cells
· Main sources: meat, fish, bananas, cereals, nuts and seeds
· Foods added to/fortified through: fortified through vitamin D
· Water soluble/fat soluble: water soluble
· Effect of a deficiency: rare
· Effect of an excess: can cause hyperphosphatemia or high blood phosphate levels…read more

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· Functions in diet: keeps red blood cells healthy
· Main sources: meat, fish, egg yolk, pulses, cereals, dried fruit, green vegetables
· Foods added to/fortified through: breakfast cereals, oatmeal, baby foods, come
pastas and breads
· Water soluble/fat soluble: fat soluble
· Effect of a deficiency: tiredness and irritability, short attention span, anaemia
· Effect of an excess: fatigue, weakness, weight loss, joint pain, abdominal pain…read more

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· Functions in diet: regulates fluid balance in body, helps transmit electrical signals
along nerves
· Main sources: meat, eggs, dairy products, cereals, pulses, main ingredient in salt
which is added to many foods
· Foods added to/fortified through: added to many foods for flavour
· Water soluble/fat soluble: water soluble
· Effect of a deficiency: rare except when salt is lost through extreme perspiration
such as with heatstroke
· Effect of an excess: may lead to raised blood pressure, stress and nervous
symptoms…read more

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· Functions in diet: component of some enzymes and is used in energy release in
the diet
· Main sources: meat, whole bran and enriched cereals, pulses
· Foods added to/fortified through: staple foods
· Water soluble/fat soluble: water soluble
· Effect of a deficiency: hair loss, skin lesions, diarrhoea, and wasting of body
tissues. A lack of zinc can also contribute to acne
· Effect of an excess: nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, fever, interference with
the body's immune system…read more




A great resource but I did have to proof read and correct many typos/spelling mistakes/add extra information to make them more accurate; all things said, this was quicker than making them myself from scratch!

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