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Amount of Substance

Relative Atomic Mass and Relative Molecular Mass
Ar is the mean mass of an atom of an element compared to 1/12 of the mass of a 12C atom.
Mr is the total of the mean masses of an atom in each element of a compound compared to…

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o Normally you're just given the mass in grams of each element and from this there are easy steps to follow to
work our empirical formulae:
1. Work out the moles of each element by using the `magic triangle'.
2. Do a mole ratio of the elements.
3. Divide by…

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o Write down everything you know under an equation.
o Work out the number of moles of one of the products or reactants.
o Do a mole ratio to find out the moles of your gas.
o Multiply this by the molar volume which is 22.7dm3. This will give you…

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Product may have been left or broken off
A limiting reactant is one in which there is not enough of. The other product is said to be in excess. This can
affect the % yield.


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