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Cell Division
o Part of a larger cell cycle
o Occurs in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells
o Responsible for growth and repair
Replaces the entire lining of the small intestine
Liver cells only divide for repairing
Nerve cell
o New cells arise by division of existing cells

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Chromosomes can be grouped into homologous pairs
Mitosis occurs in
o Growth
o Repair
o Replacement of cells with limiting life span (red blood, skin cells)
o Asexual replacement
Controlled process, cancers result from uncontrolled mitosis of abnormal cells
Division of the nucleus (karyokinesis) and the cytoplasm (cytokinesis) are two…

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Pinching of the cell membrane to create two separate cells.

Sex and cell division - the production of gametes
DNA in a cell replicates only once, but cell divides twice
o First division
Random segregation of homologous chromosomes
This produces 2 haploid cells
Chromosomes are still duplicated (made up…


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