AQA AS Biology Chapter 5 Exam- style Questions

Chapter 5: th heart and Heart Disease

These are the exam style questions from the Nelson thornes book for AQA AS Biology Unit 1. I already uploaded the answers for this and the other chapters in unit 1 on here just research AQA chapter 5 Answers to exam style questions and it should come up.

Best of luck

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Examination-style questions

1 Figure 1 shows the pathways in
the heart for the conduction of
electrical impulses during the cardiac cycle.

Figure 1
(a) Name structure A. (1 mark)
(b) Explain why each of the following is important in pumping blood through the heart.
(i) There is a short delay…

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AQA Examination-style questions

3 (a) The times taken in the various stages of a complete cardiac cycle are shown in the table.

Stage of cardiac cycle Time taken / s
Contraction of the atria 0.1
Contraction of the ventricles 0.3
Relaxation of both atria and ventricles 0.4
(i) Use the…


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