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Chelmsford…read more

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Working class is the highest showing that the highest earners are living here
because they can afford to.…read more

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Peoples health in Chelmsford is much higher than the rest of the UK. This could
show that the people in Chelmsford can afford private medical care (e.g. BUPA)…read more

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Full time employers are the highest economic activity in Chelmsford.
Suggesting that these employees are very rich and can sustain a wealthy lifestyle in
and out of London.…read more

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Jobs in Chelmsford tend to
be highly paid jobs in which
you need a degree to
obtain. This suggests that
these people are well
educated and there jobs are
based in London where the
most money can be made.…read more

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A Degree is the highest qualification that people in Chelmsford have. This leads
us to believe that they are very well educated and strive for the highest earning jobs,
possibly influenced by their parents wealthy background.…read more

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