AQA Additional Science Biology - Homeostasis

Taken from the AQA Science Revision Guide, just thought I'd share it on here anyway :)

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B2.5 Homeostasis
5.1 Controlling Internal Conditions
The processes in your body that help to maintain a constant internal environment are known as
Just think of the different temperatures we experience:
Your body also has to cope with varying rates of respiration needed in different activities:

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B2.5 Homeostasis
We must remove the waste products produced through chemical reactions from the
There are other factors we must keep within certain limits, e.g. water and ion content of
the cells.…read more

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B2.5 Homeostasis
5.2 Controlling Body Temperature
The thermoregulatory centre of the brain and receptors in the skin detect changes in
temperature. The thermoregulatory centre controls the body's response to a change in internal
If the core temperature rises:
Blood vessels near the surface of the skin dilate allowing more blood to flow through the
skin capillaries. Heat is lost by radiation.
Sweat glands produce more sweat. This evaporates from the skins surface. The energy
required for it to evaporate comes from the skin's surface.…read more

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