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Energy flows
Biomass is the mass of living A pyramid of
material in animals and plants. biomass represents
the mass of all the
organisms at each
stage in a food
chain. Therefore a
pyramid of biomass
is likely to give a
more accurate
picture than a
pyramid of numbers.
There is energy loss as each stage of
the food chain. This can be because not
all of the food eaten can be digested Herbivore- as large
(so is lost in faeces), some of the loss of undigested
energy is used for respiration, some is food in faeces.
used for movement ­ so the more
something moves the more energy it
uses-, some is for maintaining a
constant body temperature (in warm
blooded animals). This means that not
all of the energy taken in by an The shorter the
organism results in the growth of that food chain, the
organism. less energy will
All organisms take up nutrients. If they didn'tbe lost so if we
eventually release them then nutrients would all ate plants it
run out. If microorganisms are feeding from might mean more
dead and waste material then this is how theyfood would be
get their energy. The process of releasing available across
this energy is respiration so carbon dioxide is the world.
given off.…read more

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We can artificially produce Detritus feeders start the
meat more efficiently by process off decay. Decay is
preventing the animal from faster if it is warm and wet.
moving so it doesn't waste All of the materials are
energy on movement however recycled.
this is seen as cruelty by many
people and is controversial. We
could also keep the animal at a
warmer temperature so it doesn'
t use as much energy from the
food to keep itself at a
constant temperature.
Photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide from A stable
the atmosphere. Plants also respire however. community
The carbon builds up in organisms bodies, recycles all of
when they die these are released through the nutrients it
microorganisms. takes up.…read more




These two colourful PowerPoint slides could be printed out and used  as a poster since they contain a lot of useful information.Use this idea to summarise other key information from the revision notes found in this section.

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