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Neural and Hormonal Mechanisms in Aggression


A chemical that enables impulses within brain for travel
Low levels of Serotonin and high levels of Dopamine associated with aggression in animals and

Reduce aggression by inhibiting response to emotional stimuli that could cause aggression
Low levels of serotonin ­…

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Archer ­ results of 230 males over five studies ­ found low positive correlation between
testosterone and aggression. However, type of participant and form and measurement of aggression
differed substantially between studies

Book ­ 45 meta analysis ­ mean correlation of 0.14 between testosterone and aggression, although
Archer clams that…

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Mazur ­ suggests we should distinguish aggression from dominance ­ aggression = violence,
dominance = social status
Also claims aggression just a type of dominance behaviour
Nonhuman animals ­ influence of testosterone levels expressed through aggressive behaviour
Humans however, influence of testosterone on dominance likely expressed in more varied and…


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