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Topic 3: Secularisation
Secularisation in Britain
Based on Census 1851, Crockett (1998) estimates 40% or more of adult population
attended church on Saturday; This is much higher than today, so sociologist call it
the `Golden age'
There's been major changes in religion in the UK
Decline in population going to…

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Explanations of Secularisation
Modernization; decline of traditional and its replacement with rational and
scientific ways of thinking.
Secularisation theory emphasizes the effect of social change on religion.
Growth of social and religious diversity. The growth of diversity has
undermined the authority of religious institutions and credibility of
religious beliefs


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Pentecostal and other religious groups often flourish in `impersonal' urban

Religious diversity- Berger (1969) another cause for secularization is the
trend towards religious diversity, where there's many interpretations of faith.
Before there was no challenges with the church & there was greater
Society is no longer unified under…


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