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The control of any self-regulating system involves a series of stages that feature:

The set point which is the desired level at which the system operates which is
monitored by the...
Receptor which detects any deviation from the set point and informs
Controller which coordinates information from various receptors…

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Positive Feedback

Positive feedback occurs when the feedback causes the corrective measures to remain turned on.
In doing so, it causes the system to deviate even more from the original level.

Examples are rare, but one occurs in neurones when a stimulus causes a small influx of sodium ions .…

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The oestrous cycle is the regular pattern of changes that takes place in the reproductive system of
female mammals.
It is controlled through the interaction of a number of hormones.
These hormones circulate in the blood plasma and so reach all parts of the body.
However, only cells with the…

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1. The menstrual cycle begins when the uterus lining is shed, along with some blood (days 1-5)

2. From day 1, the pituitary gland releases FSH into the blood which stimulates follicles in the
ovary to grow and mature
Each follicle contains an egg

3. The growing follicles secrete small…


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