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Term Description Gene A short section of DNA that codes for a particular protein which results in a
Allele One or more alternative versions of the same gene
The order of bases in each is slightly different
Genotype The genetic constitution of an organism
Phenotype The expression of the genetic constitution ­ an organisms physical appearance
Dominant An allele whose characteristics appear in the phenotype
Always expressed when present
Recessive An allele whose characteristics appear in the phenotype if two copies are
Codominant…read more

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Individuals have two alleles for each gene. Gametes contain only one allele for each
gene. When gametes from two parents fuse together, the alleles they contain form the
genotype of the offspring produced.
Genetic diagrams can be used to predict the genotypes and phenotypes of the offspring
produced if two parents are crossed. The diagrams can be used to predict the results of
various crosses, including monohybrid crosses. Monohybrid inheritance is the
inheritance of a single characteristic (gene) controlled by different alleles.…read more

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Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. 22 of these pairs have partners that are
identical in appearance, whether in a male or female. The remaining pair are the sex
Females XX all gametes contain a single X chromosome Male XY gametes contain
either a X or a Y chromosome
Any gene that is carried on either the X or Y chromosome is said to be sex linked. The
X chromosome is much longer than the Y chromosome.…read more

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