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Ecosystems are not fixed, but constantly change with time.
This change is called succession.

Different species of plants naturally colonise a habitat in a predictable order, until finally a stable
community is reached, called the climax community.

Each plant species in turn changes its environment (e.g. by creating deeper soil,…

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Conservation is the management of the Earth's natural resources in such a way that maximum use of
them can be made in the future.
This involves active intervention by humans to maintain ecosystems and biodiversity.

The global gene pool is a resource for learning more about life on Earth, and…

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Ways to Conserve Species and Habitats
Different species and habitats need to be conserved in different ways.

Conserving habitats by Managing Succession
Conservation sometimes involves preventing succession in order to preserve an ecosystem in its current
seral stage.
One example of this is the moorland that exists over much of…


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