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Attached is a pdf to help you complete The Restless Earth section of your AQA Geography course. All Infomation is published with good faith, we hope that all infomation is accurate, if there is any incorect infomation, we would be greatful for you to let us know!

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AQA Geography A Specification.

Unit 1A ­ The Restless Earth

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Tectonic Plates
Fold Mountains
Fold Mountains Case Study
Volcanoes Case Study
Earthquakes Case Study

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Tectonic Plates

At the centre of the earth there is a solid ball.
Made of Solid Iron and Nickel, this is known as
the Core

Around the Core is the Mantle, semi-molten
rock. The mantle moves very slowly.

The outer layer of the core is the crust, it is very…

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underneath them is

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Tectonic Plates

There are three types
of plate margins;
­ Destructive Plate
Margins; Where an
oceanic plate meets a
continental plate, the
oceanic plate is forced ­ This can often create
down, into the mantel volcanoes and ocean
and is destroyed. An trenches.
example of were you ­ Where two…

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Tectonic Plates

Constrictive Margins:
­ Constructive plate
margins are were two
plates move away
from each other.
­ Magma and molten
rock rises from the
mantle to fill the gap
and cools creating a
new crust. An
example of the margin
can be found at the
mid-Alatnic ridge.

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Tectonic Plates

­ Conservative margins
are two plates moving
next to each other,
either in different
directions of the same ­ Crust is not created
but at different nor destroyed. The
speeds. type of crust can be
found at the West
Coast of the USA

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Fold Mountains

Fold Mountains are
created when plates
collide at Destructive
Plate Margins.

When Tectonic plates
collide the You get fold
sedimentary rocks

mountains where a
that have built up Continental Plate and
between them are an Oceanic plate
folded and forced up collide.
to create antinomians

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Fold Mountains

You can also get the
Fold Mountains are
mountains formed very steep and rocky.
where two continental There's often snow
plates collide. and glaciers at the
highest bits. Lakes
are also formed in
valleys between

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Farming ­
Mining ­
Slopes are Electric Major source
good for Power. of metal ores.

Forestry ­
Tourism ­ ***It is
Good for Attracts important you
growing Mainly in know a case
some types Winter for study about
of tree's e.g. sports e.g. Fold
Conifers Skiing Mountains***


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