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P1a Energy and Energy
2. Using Energy…read more

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2.1 Forms of Energy
· Energy exists in different forms
· Energy can change (transform) from one form into another
· We describe energy stored or transferred in different ways as
forms of energy
· eg-:
· Chemical energy- stored in fuel (food) released when chemical
reactions take place
· Kinetic energy- moving objects
· Gravitational potential energy- energy of an object due to its
· Elastic energy- energy stored in springy object when we stretch or
squash it
· Electrical energy- transferred by electric current
· Thermal energy- kinetic energy of the particles of the object…read more

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Eg- torch
· Torch battery pushes current through bulb
· Makes bulb emit light and gets hot
Chemical energy in the battery > electrical
energy > light energy + thermal energy…read more

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2.2 Conservation of Energy
· Rollercoasters ­ energy changes happen quickly
· Gains gravitational potential energy as it climbs
· Loses gravitational potential energy when it races
· Conservation of energy:
· Total energy after a change is the same as the
energy before the change
· Energy cannot be created or destroyed…read more

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Eg- bungee jumping
· Gravitational potential energy changes to kinetic
energy as the jumper falls with rope slack
· Once slack in rope has been used up the rope slows
the bungee jumpers fall
· Gravitational potential and kinetic energy is changed
into elastic energy of the rope
· After reaching the bottom the rope pulls the jumper
back up as they rise most of the elastic energy changes
back to gravitational potential and kinetic energy
· The jumper doesn't return to the same height because
some of the original GPE was changed to heat energy
as the rope stretched and shortened…read more

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2.3 Useful Energy
· Machines transfer energy for a purpose
· Friction between moving parts cause them to
warm up
· Not all energy transferred to a machine is
usefully transferred, some is wasted
· Useful energy ­ from where it is wanted to
where it is wanted
· Wasted energy- not usefully transferred or
transformed…read more

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