AQA Classics CIV3C Euripides Plays

This is a document that summarises and gives analysis of Medea and Hippolytus using the notes from the back of the book.

Feel free to download and edit it with your own notes. I recommend printing it off without my highlighting and doing it by hand as it's more engaging.

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Topic Overview
Topic Topic Outline
Issues to explore might include:
The centrality of Medea's personality to the story
The use of the two-actor scenes
Important themes, including Medea's alien status
Gender roles and politics
The use of children in the story
The role of the Chorus
Medea The political and historical context of the original
The use of a well-known myth as the basis of the plot
Imagery and word play
Satisfactory ending?
How Euripides manipulates the audience's moral and
emotional responses and comparison…read more

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A view of the sense effect of using a myth as the basis of the
play, and how far myths are used to explore issues of
immediate concern to the Athenian audience, rather than a
story constructed in a contemporary light with `real'
characters.…read more

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granddaughter of Helios, god of the Sun
to Medea
to Medea's children
of Corinthian women
Medea's children
king of Corinth
Medea's husband and hero from the Argonauts
king of Athens
PAGE 3…read more

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This scene takes place outside Medea's house in Corinth.
The Nurse gives the backstory to the play
o The Nurse wishes Jason had never gone to look for the Golden Fleece.
o Then Medea would never had fallen in love with him.
o She would not have tricked the daughters of Pelias on killing him.…read more

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The Nurse warns the children to stay away from their mother due to, `... the
hateful temper of her wilful mind.'
Medea : `O accursed children of a hateful mother, may you die with your father, may the
whole house fall in ruin.'
The Nurse grieves for the children who have no part in what Jason has done.
The Nurse : `Our royal masters have dangerous spirits and, perhaps because they are
subject to little control while their power is great, their moods veer violently.…read more

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Episode 1
Medea leaves the house.
She feels that she has acted justly in Corinth, especially as she is a metic.
`But in my case, this thing which has struck me so unexpectedly, has broken my heart. I
am lost, I have forfeited all joy in living, my friends.'
o `For well I know that the man who was my everything...'
It is understandable that the Chorus are sympathetic as it is
evident that Medea truly loved Jason.
Medea calls women `...…read more

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Creon still fears Medea ; she might be planning something evil in her heart.
Medea beseechs Creon and he still says no.
o `Yes, for I love my family rather more than I love you.'
o `I understand: my children apart, I love my country far above all else.'
This reveals to Medea that Creon's "weakness" is his family.
Medea continues to supplicate Creon when she asks him to allow her to stay one
more day so she can find a home for her children.…read more

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The spell of reverence for oaths is no more...'
o Like in Antigone she has reverence for the gods and Creon lacks this
`Another royal lady has displaced you as wife and now rules in the house.'
o This ode finishes with verses describing Medea and her wretched life.…read more

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If she had lived far away she would not be known by the Greeks, however
because of her cleverness she has won a reputation.
Jason believes that this marriage is the best for him and did this as he was an
exile from Iolchus, not that he hated sleeping with her, `or that I was overwhelmed
with desire for my new bride, or that I was eager to outdo our family by having a larger
one.…read more


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