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Sagae Thessalae TRANSLATION
iuvenis ego Mileto profectus ad spectaculum Olympicum,
When I was a young man I set out from Miletus to see the Olympic Games,
cum haec etiam loca provinciae clarae visitare cuperem,
Since I also wanted to visit this part of the famous province,
peragrata tota Thessalia Larissam…

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sic desolatus ad cadaveris solacium, perfrictis oculis et paratis ad vigiliam,
And so, left on my own to console a corpse, I rubbed my eyes and got them ready for guard
dum animum meum permulcebam cantationibus, usque ad mediam nocterm pervigilabam.
While I soothed my mind with songs, I…

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I pushed myself forwards into the crowd and standing on a rock behind the bier I watched
the whole thing with curious eyes.
iam tumore pectus cadaveris extolli, iam spiritu corpus impleri.
Now the corpse's chest was raised up with a swelling, now his body was filled with breath.

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Then the witches attached to his face wax shaped like the ears which had been cut off, and
fitted on a nose like the one cut off. And now the poor man stands here, having earned the
reward not for his hard work but for his mutilation."
his dictis perterritus…


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