Approaches - the Cognitive Approach

the cognitive approach

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The Cognitive Approach
Social Learning Theory
Cognitive Approach
IP ­ cognitive psychologists extend this idea and say that our behaviour is determined by the way we
process information taken in from our environment.
Cognitive psychology is divided into 3 areas:
Experimental cognitive psychology
Cognitive neuroscience
Cognitive science
1. Uses experimental methods to investigate mental processes (e.g. memory) in `normal'
participants. Clive Wearing and H.M.
2. Investigates mental processes in brain damaged individuals
3. Investigates the way in which computers can be used in an attempt to understand mental
1. Mediational processes act between `stimulus' and `response'
2. Mental processes can be regarded an information processing
3. The mind acts in a similar way to the computer: INPUT---STORAGE---OUTPUT
4. Mental processes can be studied scientifically

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