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A table showing assumptions, strengths and weaknesses of the 5 main approaches (not perspectives!) that we need to know about. Hope someone finds this useful. :)

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Approach Studies Assumption Strengths Weaknesses
Social Milgram Behaviour is influenced by Use of real life It is difficult to study
Reicher and the actual, imagined or situations social behaviour ethically
Haslam implied presence of others. Contributions in Difficult to generalise
Piliavin et al understanding social
Cognitive Loftus and Information received from Tendency to use What a person is thinking
Palmer our senses is processed scientific and can only be inferred
BaronCohen by the brain and that this controlled procedures Computer analogy leads
et al processing affects Contributions in to a reductionist/
behaviour understanding mechanistic approach
augh cognitive processes
Developmenta Samuel and Cognitive, emotional and Many developmental Samples are limited, so it
l Bryant behavioural development is studies are longitudinal is hard to generalise
Bandura et al an ongoing process and Contributions to findings
that such changes result development of Lack of reliability/validity
Freud from an interaction of children in measurement of
nature and nurture. children's behaviour
Physiological Maguire et al Behaviour and experience Scientific equipment is Scientific approach lacks
Dement and can be explained by used extensively validity
Kleitman biological changes, Contributions and High cost leads to small
including those in the brain, applications for sample sizes
Sperry hormones and the nervous diagnosis and
system treatment of illness
Individual Rosenhan to understand the Psychometric tests Labelling is unethical
Differences Thigpen and complexity of human allow differences to be Situational factors are
Cleckley behaviour and experiences measured objectively ignored
it necessary to study the
Griffiths differences between people

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