Approaches - Cognitive - Comparing Computers with the Human

cognitive approach - comparing computers with the human mind

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Comparing computers with the human `mind'
Similarities Limitations
1. Coding 1. Machines
Representing humans as predictable machines
All communication systems use some form of
coding. The telephone translates our voice. The
brain translates images through coding the
information into electrical impulses
2. Channel capacity 2. Information transfer
Computers can transfer memory to another
Any system that communicates has a maximum computer. Human memory cannot be
capacity at any one moment. Fibre optics ­ limit `downloaded'
to amount transmitted; humans ­ attention
3. Span apprehension 3. Consciousness
Computers are not aware or conscious like
How much information can be taken in at any one humans
time. Can be increased if information is
organised in a certain way
4. Central processing unit
Manipulates information
5. Information store
Stored in memory
RAM system ­ computers
Humans ­ memory system store and retrieve
Computers ­ do not `forget'


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