Approaches - Behaviourism - Strengths and Limitations

strengths and limitations of the behaviourist approach

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Behaviourism ­ strengths and limitations
Scientific ­ highly controlled scientific methods
Practical application: behaviour therapies such as systematic desensitisation (based on
classical conditioning); behaviour modification techniques (operant conditioning)
Counter argument: i.e. provides a strong counter argument to the nature side of the nature v.
nurture debate
Biology/cognition: behaviourism ignores important mental processes (cognitive) in learning
and innate predispositions (biological) that are likely to influence behaviour
All learning?: e.g. insight learning and observational learning (SLT) cannot be explained by
classical and operant conditioning
Reductionist: reduces all learning to a few simple principles ­ this would seem an over


Ibrahim - Team GR

Nice listing but more detail would make it alot better. It is great for brief notes. 

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