applied ethics - euthanasia, right to a child, genetic engineering

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/=ok Genetic Euthanasia Right to a child
*=not ok engineering/embryo
Kant *=human have intrinsic rights, *=sanctity of life Does not consider emotional side
rational nature, cannot violate *= intrinsic right to live *sperm donor in AID being treated as
this *active would disregard means to an end
*=potential threat to humans sanctity of life *if embryo considered life then it wou
(diseases) *=can't universalise `you may be using it as a means in IVF
*=universalise would be kill yourself' /not self-contradictory ­ universal law
contradictory of the will & *=dismisses arguments "spare embryos can be destroyed"
treating embryo as means to concerning suffering *contradiction of the will ­ contrary to
an end /=can universalise `if suffering your will if you were the embryo being
/=plants don't have ability to and los will to live you may destroyed
reason = no intrinsic rights, die'
permitted *=killing someone to end their
/=animals have no ability to pain is using them as another
reason, no intrinsic rights end
*good will = fulfilling ones
duty, emotion has to be
irrelevant, GE and ER is done
with the wrong motives
(benefit to humans)
Natural Law Cannot go against primary Considers act over Primary precepts: reproduction
precepts consequences. *cannot be followed if it breaks
/help fulfil purpose ­ e.g. *-against all precepts another precept
artificial limbs, synthetic fibres *ends never justify the means
*IVF ­ breaks precept of continuation
/*GM foods don't help fulfil /using doctrine of double spare embryos are killed
our purpose, in LEDC can help effect could mean that giving
*using a third party breaks precept of
economy & society someone pain relief is ok and
`live in an ordered society
*personhood from conception secondary effect is they die
*surrogate mum and donor eff to allow
­ playing God, embryo is /treatment beyond what's two gay men to have a child =
equal to elders needed for existence that the
homosexual relationship, ordered
treatment may be decline society, worshipping G-d
/radical approach = still fulfils the
precept of procreation
*personhood given at conception so
killing embryos is like killing any life
Jewish ethics /stem cell research *active /"be fruitful and multiply" ­ accepts IV
/if used medically, no limit to /passive ­ fertilisation outside the mothers
what is required *sanctity of life: Lord body, technology is available
*cosmetically as we are made Jacobovitz "1 minute is the /AI permitted in marriage
in G-ds image (imago dei) same as 70 years, our lives *AI with donor sperm = donor not
shouldn't change it are not ours to dispose of" Jewish to prevent incest
*not allowed to cross breed * Imago dei: regardless of *not permit a lesbian couple to use
animals/fruits quality or duration, we cannot sperm donor b/c of the homosexual
/Birkat Hamazon `G-d supplies kill humans made in the image relationship
all, we must enhance and of God /married couple permitted as sanctity
distribute" ­ Imitatio dei, not /no need to extend the pain of traditional marriage and family
playing G-d, we are furthering of death, can let nature take values
his materials its course through passive
Genisis, Torah ­ "fill the earth `Goses' means will die in 72
and control in" ­ procreate so hours, we may not hasten

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Tzaar balei chaim ­ no cruelty
to animals
Utilitarianis /effects, depends on situation /greatest happiness for Uses Hedonic calculus to measure the
m ­ better to save living at costs greatest number pain of embryos destroyed against
to an embryo, weigh up Weakness = justifies too parents pleasure of baby
effects using the Hedonic much, no protection for /most cases permitted as baby brings
calculus minorities about greater pleasure
Bentham ­ use Hedonic *consider cost to NHS as it could be
calculus to measure out…read more


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