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PRACTICE…read more

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In Practice
Natural Law can be put into practice by
finding the natural purpose of something
(telos) and then discovering its
They should keep with the primary
precepts.…read more

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Grounds for Objection:
- vows say "til death do us part" so divorce
would break the promise made in front of
God. against the Telos of Marriage.
-destroys a relationship therefore not living
in an ordered society
Justice/Injustice of decision:
- if you're not happy in a relationship should
you be forced to be in it?
-Depends on reason for Divorce…read more

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Fertility Treatment
Grounds for Objection:
- against preservation of life (many
embryos killed)
-unnatural way of procreation "playing
Justice/ Injustice:
- could help millions
-only up to God who can have children.…read more

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Fornication (promiscuous/ sex
before marriage/ affair)
Grounds for Objection:
-against living in an ordered society
-stops education of children
-pleasure isn't a telos of sex. It is only to
-pleasure should be permitted in a loving
relationship.…read more

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Grounds for Objection:
- goes against preservation of life.
-against procreation
-telos of a baby is to be born
- what about rape?
- if mother would die?…read more

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