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Applications of Rate and Equilibrium ­ Answers
1. When both reactants and products are present in a vessel at a stated temperature, the system is either at
equilibrium or not. The situation that exists can be determined by calculating the value of the concentration term
and comparing it with the…

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K c = [N ] [ H 3
2 eq 2]eq

An increase in pressure has no effect on the value of Kc
The concentration of ammonia doubles, so [NH3]2 rises by a factor of 4
[N2] multiplied by [H2]3 rises by a factor of 2 x 23.…

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liquefies and is separated from the unreacted nitrogen and hydrogen, which are then recycled through the
catalyst chamber. In this way, almost all the hydrogen is eventually converted to ammonia.
21. The contact process is the crucial step in the manufacture of sulfuric acid:
2SO2 (g) + O2 (g) 2SO3…


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