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If ______ + _____ are convicted they can
appeal to the Court of Appeal Criminal
Division- Criminal Appeal Act 1986 amended
by 1995.
Need `leave to appeal' that is granted by
C/A. If leave is refused (Birmingham 6 case)
they can try another route.
If new evidence becomes available they can
go to the Criminal Cases Review Commission.
This isn't an appeal court they can just send
cases.…read more

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They have 28 days from date of conviction to
lodge appeal.
If leave is granted, they are legally
represented and have right to be present for
the hearing.
S.2 CAA1995 allow an appeal if they think the
conviction is unsafe.
Unsafe: the original judge made an error in
explaining the law to the jury.
Inadmissible evidence being used in a original
trial.…read more

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Some other significant procedural matter.
If appeal is successful:
-quash conviction (Barry George)
-quash conviction and order a re-trial (Sion
Jenkins, David Morris)
Could appeal to the Supreme Court but that
must be on a point of law- 90% of cases in
the SC based on Statutory Interpretation.
Could appeal to European Court of Human
Rights, if in breach of Article 5 +6, Right to
fair trial and Right to liberty.
ECHR decisions are not binding.…read more


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