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Media influences on anti social behaviour
Possible questions: 'Discuss media influences on antisocial behaviour' (9+16marks)

A01 A02/A03

Huesmann and Moise suggest five ways that +ve. most these experiments are natural
exposure to media violence might lead to experiments which are high in external validity and
aggression in children. are relevant…

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-ve. Effects research has primarily focused on acts
of male-on-male physical violence, freq. viewed
within the artificial of the lab.

-ve. no conception on how this focus on on-screen
violencemay affect male and female viewers
responses to the characters and chosen situation.

-ve. there inherent gender bias in these studies…

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+ve. The use of aggression by prosocial character
lends an aura of moral justification to their violence,
Viewing TV violence may also produce attitude with which children readily identify.
change and suggest that problems can be solved
through aggressive behaviours.

Meta analysis*

A substantial number of lab & field exp.…


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