Anti-Semitism, Hitler and the German People Timeline 1871-1945

Timeline with events from 1871-1945 in connexion with anti-Semitism and the holocaust

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Date Event
1871 Creation of the German Empire
1913 Hitler moved from Austria to Germany
1914 Start of First World War
1918 End of First World War
1919 Hitler joined the German Workers' Party
1923 Munich Putsch
1925 Publication of Mein Kampf
January 1933 Hitler appointed German Chancellor
March 1933 Nazis and Nationalists won a majority in the
March 1933 Enabling Law passed
March 1933 First concentration camp set up at Dachau
March 1933 `Revolution from Below'
April 1933 Official boycott of Jewish firms
April 1933 Law for the Restoration of the Professional
Civil Service
April 1933 Law against Overcrowding of German
Schools and Universities
July 1933 Law for the Prevention of Offspring with
Hereditary Diseases
October 1933 Exclusion of German Jews from the press
June 1934 Night of the Long Knives
August 1934 Death of Hindenburg
1935 Nuremberg Laws
October 1935 Law for Protection of the Hereditary Health
of the German Nation
1936 Berlin Olympics
1937 Schacht dismissed
March 1938 Annexation of Austria
April 1938 Registration of assets exceeding 5,000RM
October 1938 Annexation of Sudetenland
November 1938 Kristallnacht
November 1938 Jews banned from theatre etc.
December 1938 Closure of all Jewish businesses
January 1939 Addition of middle names Israel and Sarah
January 1939 Heydrich appointed to direct Reich Central
Office for Jewish Emigration
September 1939 Germany attacked Poland start of WWII
October 1939 Hitler authorised euthanasia programme
October 1939 Himmler appointed Reich Commissar for
Consolidation of German Nationhood
November 1939 Jews in General Government forced to wear
yellow Star of David

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January 1940 First experimental gassing of mental patients
in German hospitals
April 1940 Invasion of Denmark and Norway
May 1940 Invasion of Netherlands and Belgium
June 1940 France surrendered Vichy government
June 1940 German civil servants started work on
Madagascar Plan
November 1940 Warsaw ghetto sealed
June 1941 Germany invaded by USSR
JuneJuly 1941 Einsatzgruppen moved into USSR behind
September 1941 All German Jews forced to wear Star of
September 1941 Mass killing of Jews at Babi Yar, Kiev
October 1941 First…read more


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