Anti-Corn Law League

Aims, tactics and significance of the ACLL

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Pamphlets, leaflets Newspaper: 1846, only Peel & the Conservatives
& reports of ACLL `Anti-Corn small nº seats (majority in 1841).
meetings. Law secured
Circular' Eradicate the
Corn Laws
lectures New
held repeal Campaign
nationwide bills for free
annually Aims trade
Tactics Opposition
ACLL funds paid
deposits for League Close the gap
members to be MPs between rich and
The Anti-Corn Law League poor
Leadership Persuaded Lord
Richard Cobden: John Russell of
Grew up in poverty but benefits of
John Bright: later became wealthy repeal.
`Nouveau Riche' like Peel. businessman.
Great Public Speaking. MP for Stockport so Significant?
Attacked aristocracy able to campaign
(appealed to m+w.class). within parliament.
Also campaigned for Peel planned for
universal male suffrage & Raised awareness of repeal long before
secret ballot. repeal. ACLL pressure.


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