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Laws related to ICT
Here are some related past paper questions to try:
1) Give one reason why it may be wrong to scan an image from a school library book. [1]
It's breaking the copyright law because you have to permission from the person who owns the copyright.

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Adjustable height and adjustable back support
Support for back
Ergonomic design.
6) `Increased use of ICT by businesses and government agencies represents a threat to people's privacy.' Discuss
this statement. [6]
Remember, this question is asking about for your view/opinion, and people may have different opinions so you might

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(There is NO mark for saying take aspirin etc)
Back/neck problems/pains:
Use an adjustable chair ­ height and back support adjust (NO mark for comfortable chair).
Table at the correct height.
Use a foot rest.
Monitor at right level/height.
Take regular breaks walking around
Hand/Wrist problems/RSI:
Ergonomic keyboard.
Use a…

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TWO marks for each explanation (max of 6) (the numbered list shows which explanations belong to
which of the principles listed above):
1. If data is obtained unfairly individuals may have no knowledge that the data has been collected [1] if
collected unlawfully then data subjects may be subject to…

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employees cannot be made to distribute unlicensed software
author has ownership of intellectual property
software company can issue/sell licenses
13) There are a number of health problems that can be caused by working on computers for long periods of time.
Explain how the use of suitable equipment can reduce these…


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