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Got these notes from my ICT Teacher. GOD BLESS HER!! i hope these help. i hope these helped me to get a good grade in ICT GCSE!!

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Computer Hardware
Answers are in red. I've also written some extra notes in green to help you understand & to remind you of key
Here are some related past paper questions to try:
1) Identify 2 features of laptop computers that make them portable & light. [2]
Two answers from:
Often have a trackerball/pad/built-in mouse.
Integral screen.
Small/compact size overall
LCD screen which is flat
All components in one unit.
Folds up.
Made of lightweight materials.
Can be powered by battery as well as mains electricity so don't need to be near a wall socket.
Smaller processor than a desktop computer.
2) An archive contains thousands of paper documents. These documents are going to be scanned for electronic
storage. The documents could be stored on CD-Rs or a hard disk.
a) Give one advantage of CD-Rs. [1]
One answer from:
Data will be portable and can be used on any computer with a CD-ROM or CD-RW drive.
CD-R provides non-volatile (permanent) storage
b) Give one advantage of hard disks. [1]
One answer from:
Access/reading time is very fast.
Can store much more data than a CD-R
Most hard disks are not portable so less likely to lose it than you are to lose a CD-R.
3) Supermarkets use computers. Give two devices that can be used to enter food prices into the point-of-sale
(POS) terminals. [2]
Two answers from:
Keypad/touch pad/touch screen.
Bar-code reader.
(Hand held) scanner.
4) Shaun, a web site developer, is going to buy a desktop computer. Identify three features of the technical
specification that Shaun needs to consider and give a reason for each. [6]
One mark for identifying the feature and one mark for the reason that the feature is considered.
The features & reasons MUST be related to Shaun's use of the computer (web site development.)
Three answers from the list below, one answer = feature (1 mark) plus a reason (1 mark):
Feature Reason
A fast/high speed CPU/processor To allow fast rendering/processing of data on the websites
Fast/high performance graphics card To allow fast rendering/processing of images on the websites
Large capacity/size hard disk To store the images & videos for the web sites as images
videos are often large files
Large quantity/size of memory/RAM To allow many images/videos for the websites to be open at
the same time
To allow many webpages to be open at the same time
Large monitor size/multiple screen To view developing web pages/sites with ease
High resolution monitor To view developing web pages/sites with ease.
Speakers For listening to sound on websites
Suitable backup storage device e.g. To store backup copy of web sites/pages/images in case
CD-R(W)/DVD-R(W), magnetic tape/ something happens to the original stored on the hard disk
USB flash drive.
Modem/Internet connection To connect to the Internet for uploading websites

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Graphics tablet/scanner/digital To draw/obtain/create images for the web pages.
camera/DV camera
Web-enabled keyboard So can use shortcut/programmable keys when using the
Mouse with scroll wheel For scrolling up/down web pages.
Microphone For recording of sounds to go on websites
5) A user selects a computer file but cannot open it. Give two reasons why this might happen. [2]
Two answers from:
The file might have been corrupted.
There is a password on the file that the user doesn't know.
The file is encrypted.…read more

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Speakers So the whole audience can hear any sound on the
Digital projector To project the presentation onto a big screen so that it is big
enough for the whole audience to see
Remote control OR cordless mouse So the salesperson can interact with the presentation e.g.…read more

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DVDs hold a lot more than CDs so he will be able to store more
work on a DVD than on a CD. However, a CD will still probably be
big enough (have enough storage capacity) as they are usually
either 650MB or 700MB and he is unlikely to need that much
storage space for his homework.…read more

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memory stick very quickly.
10) A computer based task is to be given to a group of students. One of the students is visually impaired. Explain
two different adaptations that could be made to the computer system to enable this student to perform well in
the task. [4]
Two paired answers from:
(i.e.…read more

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Wider range of software (lot more programs) is available for desktop computers compared to palmtops. The
software on palmtops is also often simplified version of the full version that runs on a desktop computer.
12) Most supermarkets have Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals (in other words the checkouts) which use bar code
readers to input data. These produce itemised bills for customers.…read more

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CD drive//DVD drive/hard drive/memory stick to store and allow access to the presentation.
Electronic white board to view, and possibly control and add to the presentation as it is running.…read more

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Examples of valid points and expansions:
Point Expansion
Use a credit or debit card To save customers having to carry lots of cash around
To save the shopkeeper having to keep lots of cash in his store, so he
won't need to go to the bank to pay in cash so often
The shopkeeper will not need to have as much change for people as
less people will be paying with cash
Magnetic stripe or chip on Holds data about the credit card/debit card account…read more

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Barcodes used Items scanned by barcode reader every time they sold to count how
many items are being sold
Electronic tagging of items For security ­ the electronic tags are removed at the checkout when
the customer pays.…read more

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May accidentally share the wrong picture with the wrong person
Cameras on phones are often have fewer megapixels (not as good quality) than a separate digital camera so the
pictures don't look as good when they are printed
Some establishments ban use of mobile phones
Some people may see it as an invasion of their privacy if you take a picture of them
Limited storage space for pictures on the phone
18) A supermarket uses Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to accept payment.…read more


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