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These are ICT notes from my ICT teacher. GOD BLESS HER!! Thanks to her, i might actually pass GCSE ICT :P:P:P hope these help. i was feeling nice

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ANSWER VERSION OF - Analogue to digital converters, sensors, control & monitoring (1)
Here are some examples of past exam questions with answers shown in red:
1) Peter is using a computer in a science experiment. He leaves a sprig of pond weed in water in the sun for an
hour. He uses the computer to record the number of bubbles given off by the pond weed. Give 2 advantages of
using a computer to record the number of bubbles instead of counting them manually. [2]
Two answers from:
Computer can record at more accurate time intervals than counting manually.
Computer can take more accurate readings (will make less errors) than counting manually.
Computer will record every time it is supposed to as won't forget to record one of the readings.
Data recorded by computer is already in digital format so is ready to be used on the computer, for example for
displaying in a graph, therefore no need to manually enter the data into computer to use it.
Computers do not get tired or distracted like a person recording the data manually might.
Computer can record data for long periods of time without a break than a human can.
Because the computer is recording the number of bubbles, Peter can do other things while experiment proceeds
and he can record out of school hours because he does not need to be there all the time the experiment is
2) A gardener needs to make sure that the plants are kept in the right conditions for their growth. He uses sensors
attached to his computer to monitor his greenhouse.
a) One sensor he uses is a temperature sensor. Identify 2 other sensors that could be used to collect data from the
greenhouse. [2]
Two answers from:
Ph sensor.
CO2 sensor.
Humidity sensor.
Moisture sensor.
Pressure sensor.
Light sensor.
Flow sensor.
No marks for either dampness sensor or water sensor.
b) The electronic data collected from the greenhouse & recorded by the computer is important. Give 2 ways the
loss of the recorded data can be avoided. [2]
Two answers from:
Create a backup copy.
Keep archives.
Store the backup copy/archive elsewhere.
Printout the data.
Make sure the data.
c) The sensors are connected to the computer via an interface box. Why is this? [2]
One mark for each of:
To convert the analogue data from sensors.
To digital data which the computer understands.
d) The gardener uses programmable software on his computer to control the window motor. The motor opens
& closes the window to manage the temperature inside the greenhouse. These are some of the instructions that can
be used to control the motor.
Program instruction What the instruction means or dos
> Greater than/more than/over
< Less than/below
= Equal to/same as
MOTOR BACK Runs the motor backwards to close the window
MOTOR FORWARD Runs the motor forwards to open the window
MOTOR STOP Stops the motor
IF Checks a condition
READ Input data
END Ends the sequence
START Starts the sequence

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WAIT n Wait for n seconds
Use the program instructions to complete this program sequence for opening the window if the temperature rises
over 60oC [3]
READ temperature
IF temperature> 60
3) The temperature of the water in a fish tank is controlled using a computer connected through an interface box to
sensors and a heater.
a) The analogue data collected from the temperature sensor is converted into digital data for use by the computer.…read more

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Read the room temperature A
Switch off the heating C
Switch on the heating B
b) Give 2 advantages of using a microprocessor to control the heating system in a home [2]
Two answers from:
The microprocessor controlled system will use less fuel than a system without this control because the system
will only be turned on when it is needed so this will mean less money has to be spent on fuel (You will NOT get a
mark if you just write "It saves…read more


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