Answering Unit 1 exam questions- Sociology

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Unit 1 Sociology ­ Answering the exam questions
Question 1- Make sure you read the source carefully. This is one of the easiest questions. If it helps,
highlight what you're looking for because one mark can make a difference and I'm talking from
Question 2- this is similar to question 1. Read the source carefully and highlight.
Question 3- This is usually giving an advantage or disadvantage of a `research method'. This may be
different on different exam papers but it is a typical unit 1 question so make sure you know the
advantages and disadvantages of all research methods.
In 2003, the government set up a programme called `Aiming High' to help raise the achievement
of African-Caribbean pupils. In 2006, a team of sociologists led by Leon Tikly evaluated the
success of the project, using the research method of questionnaires to produce quantitative
information about examination entries and rates of exclusion.
Advantage of using a questionnaire: -It produces quantitative data which is often more valid
Easy to distribute so would reach a large sample, making the research more representative.
Disadvantage of using a questionnaire: Questions could often be biased if multiple choice and could
reflect the opinion of the researcher. The respondent may also lie (researcher effect).


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