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the following is a document portraying how to answer exam questions. they are particularly for the edexcel specification for germany 1918-39 [british depth study]

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*this is mainly for those doing the Edexcel specification for Germany 1918-39.
a) [4 marks]
*own knowledge is not required for this question in contrast to the rest. This question will normally give you
a source.
2 statements
Inference from the source for each statement
b) [6 Marks]
3 points
Give details supporting each point
c) [8 marks) *these are normally explaining EFFECTS question
2 point/effects
Give details supporting each point
Explain the effects of each point
Link your points/effects
d) [8 marks] *these are normally explaining WHY questions
2 point/reasons
Give details supporting each reason
Explain why for each reason
Link the points/reasons
[8 marks] *these are normally explaining HOW questions
2 points/causes
Give details supporting each point
Explain HOW for each point
Link your points/causes
[16 marks]
4 points
Details supporting each point
Explain each point
Link each point
Conclusion stating the most important point (remember this all depends on what you question is asking you)



This was amazingly useful for a person who doesn't know how to answer questions properly like me! Thank you for providing such a brilliant resource :D

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