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AO1 ­ explanation AO2 ­ evaluation/commentary
Psychic healing refers to the alleged ability to treat and cure diseases by exerting Issues involved in psychic healing;
some kind of paranormal influence, which can be conducted face-to-face, or over - The nature of the illness
the telephone or from a…

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A team of psychologists were invited by an Australian TV company to test the TT supporters have criticised the Rosa et al. study because it was designed by a
powers of well-known Australian psychic. Lyvers et al. (2006) recruited 20 nine-year-old girl, though this is not necessarily a problem, and…

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This was followed by many other people claiming to be able to communicate with It is possible that the majority of mediums genuinely believe in their powers but
the dead and séances became popular in America and Europe. Séances came to are in fact, unintentionally, picking up on the same…

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Early studies of the physiological activity that accompanies OBEs did not evidence that the parasomnatic body had physically moved out of the physical
detect any discernible difference, except that subjects were in a very body. He did acknowledge some exceptional cases, but perhaps these can be
relaxed but awake state,…

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Augustine (2008) presented a review of NDEs in different cultures and found
some cultural similarities (going through a tunnel, feelings of peace, OBE) and
some differences (notably which religious figures were encountered).
Universal features suggest a physiological component and cultural differences
suggest a psychological component.
Research supporting psychic mediumship; Research…


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