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Anomalistic Psychology

Pseudoscience field of study that acts as a science however lacks certain important
characteristics of a science.
· Hines (2003) list of features that suggest that anomalous research is pseudoscience.
Irrefutable hypothesis the aim of a scientific process is to test hypotheses. You
Cannot prove a hypothesis right…

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some people make a lot of money out of unfounded claims.
As a society we should be encouraged to ask for evidence for things rather than just
believing in superstitions and trends which have in the past lead to persecution of witches etc.
Thorough research may lead to valuable discoveries…

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· Gets 4 images flashed in front of them, choose 1 they think has been sent to them,
· In 1985 Honorton published his analysis of 28 studies and found that there was a success
rate of 38% 25% is the level at which you'd expect it to be chance.…

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chance of getting the results that they did was 1 in 10^13. They also found that these effects
occur when `operators' are at some distance from the machines and when the operators
were exerting their influence when the machines are not operating. Finally they found that the
effects increased when…

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1. General cognitive ability studies have not confirmed this in all studies conducted. In some
cases the opposite has been found, a survey of New Scientist readers found that 67% of the
readers believed that paranormal activity was an `established fact' or a `likely possibility'.
Wiseman and Watt concluded that…

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the brain and a high level of belief in paranormal activity. Research has also shown that the
right hemisphere is also linked to the part of the brain where you distantly relates material
(Wiseman and Watt, 2006) thus providing the link between cognitive and biological
· High levels of…

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psychodynamic approach) some beliefs are positive such as the use of good luck charms.

Evolutionary approach to functions
· As belief in paranormal activity tends to be across the whole of the world it would suggest
that there is an innate aspect of humans and this has evolved for an…

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· In contrast Dennett (2006) argues that religion is not directly adaptive but, instead, is a
byproduct of other mental faculties that have been selected for other reasons, such as the
theory of the mind, which allows people to deceive others.

Cultural Significance
Imagination Block (2008) suggests that when humans…

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believers were more likely to believe that they had received healing benefits.
· Rosa et al (1998) involved 21 touch therapy practitioners, in it the TT practitioner sat on
one side of the screen and placed their hands through the two holes in it. On the other side
an experimenter…

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sitter read all of the 25 readers that were produced and rated the personal relevance of
each statement. The sitter's ratings were actually lowest for the statements that were written
about them.

Why do people believe in Psychic Mediumship?
· Roe (1996) reports that many sitters are aware of the…




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