Annotated Quotes on the Horrors of the war, Regeneration Pat Barker

Basically i just took some quotes and analysed them :D hope they help <3

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22/6/12 Year 13 Homework ­ due in 27/6/12
Essay title: HORROR OF THE WAR
Make a list of relevant quotations in Regeneration Chapters 1 ­ 7 and
comment on the significance .
Quotation Page ref Significance
when Sassoon opposed the idea PG 7 Reality of war/ mental, spiritual, physical consequences of war.
of closing him in Craiglockhart as it Shows how the horrors of the war has effect Sassoon mentally, that
`'doesn't prove [him] insane'' he's hallucinating corpses, because of the sever consequences of
Graves reveals that he told the the war it has caused soldiers to become scarred and some mentally
Board about his hallucinations ­ ill.
`'The corpses in Piccadilly''
'we averaged ten amputations a PG 30 Reality of war, reveals the mass amount of people that had been
day'' killed or had been wounded in the war.
`' there was nothing I could do. I PG 30 Being bound by fear, the horrors of the war has created these futile
just stood there and watched him images that these soldiers are unable to escape from and have to live
bleed to death'' with forever.
`'if you're wondering why that one,PG 30 Probably this one was the point where his nerves
I don't know. I've seen many inflicted such a great damage that he could no longer
worse deaths'' bear it and broke down
'He turned and saw a dead mole, PG 3740 Aftermath of the war, the disgusting and horrible image, has a
suspended, apparently, in air, its haunting effect, shows the vast amount of destruction and death that
black fur spiked with blood, its this war has caused.
small pink hands folded on its
chest. Looking up, he saw that the
tree stood under was laden with
dead animals. Bore them like fruit.
A whole branch of moles in various
stages of decay, a ferret, a weasel,
three magpies, a fox, the fox
hanging quite close, its lips curled
back from bloodied teeth''

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No. I don't think talking helps. It PG 51 Talking about the war makes them suffer one again reminds them o
just churns things up and makes the horrors of the war, something that they will never forget ­
them seem more real'' haunting.
`'He knew he was shivering more PG 63 Scared and terrified the effects of war displayed in different forms/
with fear than cold, though it was any forms of suffering no normality for men to recover.…read more


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